Our Work
www.thebluewebsite.comThe Blue Website is the design portfolio of Vance Alleyne; the CEO, founder, and head designer of Advanced Frequency. You can see more of his work here and get a greater idea of what we do. Gwyneth ShoesGwyneth Shoes, designed by Gwen Frempong Boadu, produces stylish, sophisticated, comfortable shoes for real women. She has 20 years of experience in the industry and has an incredible sense of style. ZackiceZackice Richards, a native of Clark County, Alabama, is an innovative soul/r&b/pop singer with a very unique personal style that is inspired by some of the legendary greats; he also writes and arranges much of his own music. GoodBizMusic.comGoodbiz Music co, is a Portland, Oregon and Houston,Texas based music company and independent record label providing authentic hip-hop music. The company also does composition/production and is an audio/video production studio. www.petererasme.comPeter Erasme is a professional Photographer with years of experience both in front and behind the camera, he has a unique ability to bring out the best in his subjects. www.nyaniso.comNyaniso is a Clothing line and cultural movement who's message is meant to enlighten, evoke positive thought, and a feeling of pride and unity. It's main goal is to spread truth, which, happens to be the literal translation of Nyaniso in Zulu. www.finacorassociates.comFinacor Associates is a far reaching management and consulting firm that has been in business since 1986. 9 Degrees of Separation9 Degrees of Separation is a company that assists in educating individuals and businesses on how to make a career out of their passion and to utilize their skills and talents. Buddha Soul StyleBuddha Soul is a vintage-Asian inspired jewelry and accessory collection created by, Nicole King Burroughs, and is highly regarded by many celebrities.
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