Design Process
Through the years, Advanced Frequency has established a proven method for going about business. This system is easy to follow and helps our customers know what to expect during our design process.

Step 1: Design Consultation and Project Planning
The design process usually starts off with the questions, what are the goals of the customer and how best do we achieve them? Be it a website or printed marketing materials; once we know what the set goals are we have a clear path and a better understanding on how to accomplish them.

Once we have clearly defined the objectives, we can move on to determine any technical requirements; especially pertaining to any web technology. If the project involves any web development, we will help to refine your site map to best serve your business. We then discuss the overall look and feel of the project. The next move in the consultation process is to establish a timeline and to determine pricing. Lastly, the process of gathering source materials(copy, images, videos, login credentials, etc.) for the project must begin, it is strongly advised to have them prepared and ready but not necessary until after step two.

Step 2: Conceptual Design
In this step, once a greater understanding of what the client wants to do is known, we actually start the design process of the project. Custom designed mock-ups of print materials and/or the home page and a sub-page of your website are then built based on your specifications. These first mock-ups will determine the overall look and feel of the whole project so this is a vital stage in development.

After the final changes are made and fully approved by the client, up to five revisions can be made to these mocks if needed. Advanced Frequency will move forward with the next step of project development. At this point, we cannot proceed without all source materials.

Step 3: Project Development
If the project only consists of designs for printed materials such as logos, flyers, business cards, etc., this phase will only involve a continuation of step two where we will finalize the design. If the project involves any web development there will be additional procedures.

For web design and development we would integrate the approved designs from step two into HTML/CSS and/or Flash. During development, you’ll be provided with updates to the site via links to the backend of our server which would allow you to view an active site. This link is only meant as a tool for you to make any suggestions and/or changes to the site. We’ll work closely with you to insure that the site achieves the same goals as discussed in step one.

Any revisions will be made now and we will finalize the site to a point where the client is 100% satisfied along with us at, Advanced Frequency, being 100% satisfied. We’re committed to having the site live up to our high standards.

Step 4: Testing
If a website is included in the project, it will be fully tested in various browsers to confirm that it works properly. We will also test it on various mobile devices. In addition, the desired technology will be thoroughly tested to make sure everything is in working order, if anything does not completely function, it will be corrected. This is the last opportunity for the client to make any more changes before the site goes live.

Step 5: Live Launch
Once everything has been fully tested by us and approved by the client and all inspections have been met, the website will be uploaded to your servers and go live for the world to see. All printed materials associated with the project will be sent to the printer and all elements of the finished project will be handed over to you via disc, email, or other forms of electronic delivery.